Julian's career

Graduate of law schools and as a lawyer, Julian began his career in Paris and Milan as a fashion model for designers such as Armani, Marithe-Francois Girbaud, Jean-Claude Jitrois ...
After starting a stylist training in Paris at Lignes et Formations, Julian then became a freelance fashion illustrator for Parisian couturiers such as Chanel and Christian Dior, while continuing his career as a lawyer ...The photographer has since become , one of the main fashion icons in France.
From the 2000s, Julian emigrates to German-speaking Switzerland, where he restarts his life from scratch as an independent fashion photographer for magazines, companies, and also private customers.
In 2009, Julian will visit the Middle East for the first time and start working for Lebanese designers.
After several years in the service of the fashion industry, Julian is one of the few professionals who understands the fashion photography not only as a technician but also in its aesthetic aspects and since then, has become one of the main fashion protagonists in Europe and the Middle East.
Julian Fashion